For many of us, the online world is no longer an escape from reality but has become our normality and part of our everyday routine. With so much information consumed every second and so many digital platforms in a highly competitive market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for digital products to stand out. That’s where we can help.

So, what is UX design?

UX design essentially stands for ‘user experience design’, a broad term which covers various different elements whether it be interaction design, information architecture, visual design, usability or human-computer interaction. It’s the design that aids the user throughout their online consumer journey, therefore a good UX design takes into consideration your customers needs, preferences and shopping habits, leaving them with a positive, valuable experience and new found respect for your brand.

Why is UX design so important?

  • Take websites to the next level
    UX design isn’t about how stylish your online platform looks or how it’s optimised perfectly for mobile. Although the look of your site is extremely important in conveying your brand message and tone of voice, it’s the way the platform is designed for the user that makes visitors stick around. You could have the best looking app or website on the market but if your customers find it hard to navigate, they will look elsewhere.
  • Increase your conversion rate
    With so much competition and many companies offering similar products, the online customer journey is now often steered by convenience and ease of use. In a fast paced society, customers are impatient, they want to find what they’re looking for with very little effort. 52% of online shoppers claim that quick page loading influences their loyalty to a site. Reducing the number of steps to purchase and including strong ‘Call to action’ communications will encourage more conversions and influence customer satisfaction.
  • Boost your SEO ranking
    Google can identify a website’s user experience and it’s in their best interest to promote those that offer good UX to ensure their customers find what they’re looking for as smoothly as possible. Therefore, it will automatically rank these sites higher in search results. This is also the case for Google Ads (Pay per click advertising) where Google takes into consideration your site’s landing page experience.
  • Build trust and increase brand loyalty
    A good UX design doesn’t just help to attract new customers, it also helps to retain existing customers and keep them coming back. Once your customer’s had a good experience with your online platform, they are more likely to return in the future. Seamless and enjoyable interactions positively stimulate customers, leading to recognition and loyalty of your brand. 

At MP Digital, we design polished digital solutions that are on brand, tailored to your company’s needs and promote and monitor customer engagement.

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