During these unprecedented times, we understand the uncertainty and anxiety that many will be experiencing, not just personally but from a business perspective too. Whilst it is important to keep level-headed, it is also fundamental that we keep ourselves updated, acknowledge the current changes in consumer behavior, and learn how to adapt positively in order to benefit both ourselves and our customers. 

Here are a few ways we are helping our clients at this time:

New Digital Strategies

Now more than ever we need to be responsive to the needs and challenges that our clients are facing and work with them to reevaluate their digital strategies. Following the success of their new booking system, our client ‘Clip ‘n Climb’ looked to us to expand their system features to promote future bookings. We were able to incorporate a new gift voucher system that encourages their customers to ‘Book now, play later’ and ultimately increase their online sales whilst customers are staying at home.

SEO & Paid Search Ads

Another way we are ensuring our clients stand out at this time is by making sure their websites rank as high as possible in search engines. By continuing to monitor and update technical aspects based on current trends, such as page geo-locations, keywords and broken links, we can be certain that our clients are effectively reaching their target audiences. We also monitor our clients paid search ads on a daily basis too, so that they are successfully advertising high on ad ranks, amongst searches most relevant to them.

UX Design & Website Performance

With the majority turning to online for e-commerce purposes during this time, it’s important that our clients’ websites are performing efficiently. We are on hand to proactively monitor changes in website traffic that may hinder performance, in order to keep their sites functioning at their best and to improve the overall user experience, leaving their customers satisfied.

This ‘downtime’ may also spark an opportunity for our clients to undergo a complete website redesign to keep their brand looking fresh, or decide they need to upgrade site features such as mobile optimisation; in which case, we are on hand to assist when necessary.

If you require website development or management at this time please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to help. 

Who are we?

MP Digital are a team of specialists who produce bespoke online solutions. With over 22 years’ practical experience behind us, we know the recipe for online success.

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